5-tons intermediate frequency induction furnace(controlled by computer, 2500KW)importer form Inductotherm of America
FE0205 table heating furnace
Producing gray iron casting,nodular iron and high anti-corrosion casting
15T Intermediate Frequency Holding Furnace
Production shop for resin-sand iron casting
Forge Produce Lines
2500T High-power Helical Press Line
2500T Hot Die Press Line
5T Programmed Elec-hydraulic Hammer Line
10T-M Elec-hydraulic Hammer Line
1000T Friction Press Line
2T Elec-hydraulic Hammer Line
Tooling Making (Vertical Machining Center)
Part Machining(CNC Lathe)
Main Testing and Metal Machining Equipment
1000Kg/h Auto Quenching & Tempering Line
1200Kg/h Auto Thermal Normalization Line
500Kg/h Auto Thermal Normalization Line